Quality Made in Germany since 1995

Quality Made in Germany since 1995

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Tensile/Compression Testing up to 10kN

available as sub-stage (Module) or entire "Tensile Stage" up to 10kN.

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Description of the Tensile and Compression Module

The Kammrath & Weiss Tensile & Compression Modules are the only ones on the market that can reach high loads of 5kN up to 10kN or even up to 15kN, while still fitting in every microsope chamber and be able to continuously pass through tensile, compression, and zero simultaneously.
Our Tensile & Compression Modules are fitting just like an oversized specimen on the sample stage.
With a variation of holders and grippers, in combination with our Modules, we enable you to test any kind of material in situ. In addition to offering standard fixtures, we are also able to design and manufacture custom fixtures to meet your needs. As you examine the specimen, it elongates in both directions while the gauge area will stand in focus.
Everything you need to start experimenting with our module is included. The state-of-the-art DDS4 controller processes the sensor signals and power output. Our versatile MDS software controls the whole system, making it possible for our customers to conduct any kind of experiment imaginable.
The system is capable of performing cyclic tests with a frequency of up to 0,1 Hz. Many subroutines are integrated into the basic version of the program from the start, such as crack detection, ramping, and more. Furthermore it can be extended with optionary features such as capturing live images from the SEM and linking them to the graph or scripting for very complex experiments to only name a few.



Static or dynamic observations of surface changes under controlled mechanical load, crack growth, delamination phenomenae, formation of slip planes etc.

Metals, ceramics, glass, ceramic bulk materials or layers, galvanic coatings, soldered or welded joints, minerals, wood, organic materials.

This materials testing, device fits most of today’s SEM specimen stages. Four small standoffs allow to place it under a light microscope, AFM, Laser- or Raman microscope.


  • Load ranges: from 10µN up to 5000 N (10kN option)
  • Specimen dimensions in mm (max. sizes): 60 x 10 x 5
  • Deformations speed range: 0.3 to 50 µm/sec. Other speed ranges on request.
  • Displacement: The module is equipped with a linear encoder displacement gauge. This gauge covers the total displacement range up to 45mm, with a resolution of 100nm.
  • Electrical connection: 230/110 VAC.
  • Module dimensions in mm (w x h x l): 150 x 55 x 220.


  • Load cells: 10N, 20N, 50N, 100N, 200N, 500N, 1kN, 2kN, 5kN, 10kN
  • Extensometer: Range: +/- 1mm, resolution: <100nm; other on request
  • Heating / Cooling: from room temperature up to 800° C or
    +/- 100° C, incl. PID-controller.
  • Specimen clamping: for loads >500N, <500N, round shaped specimen, choose out of more than 30 different custom tailored clamps
  • Adaptation for: EBSP, Diffractometer, AFM or Synchotron application.
  • Video-Extensometer: VEDDAC-strain
  • Image-Capture: reviewing the image along the data courve
  • Software interface for remote control e.g. LabView
Heating Option
Up to 1200°C
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Choice between manual controller (Starter system), and microprocessor controller (DDS-4) with interface and our software MDS 5 for PC-operation.

Modularity / Flexibility

Our Systems can be adapted to your needs of today. Let´s talk about it and select an item out of a number of add-ons that are available already. If it is not developed yet, let´s do it, to get your task solved.

Holders & Grippers

We can test an astounding variety of samples with our Kammrath & Weiss Tensile & Compression Module. Take a look at our new catalog to learn more.

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