High Precision X- Y-Z- R- (T) Module

lift-off-tool with multiple axis

The module shown in this photograph can be used for a number of applications. Especially TEM-Lamella “Lift-out” but also any kind of nano manipulation can be done with this Module.

Travel range:
X = 20 mm, Y = 20 mm, Z = 5mm,
R = unlimited, T = ± 10° mm (manual tilt variation).

Larger coverage or additional axes upon request.

Due to incorporated linear encoders the actual position of the manipulator is known at any time. This provides a tremendous adventage while approaching the needle to the point of interest. Further positions can be stored and re-called at user disposal.

Once the height between the specimen and the needle tip is known, multiple approach to the same or even different point of interests can be done safely and easily.


Due to the strictly orthogonal mechanical arrangement of the cross table axes, fatigueless and intuitive working is assured.

Alu, Stainless Steel, Ceramics
Dimensions in mm (L x B x H):
˜ 40 x 54 x 35 (cross table) 
Coverage in mm:
20 x 20 x 20 (XYZ-Modul)
Movement resolution:
< 10 nm
Speed range:
1000 µm/sec*. – 0,001 µm/sec.
Position measurement:
Linear Encoder
Microprocessor controller, Joystick
Desktop box

*= higher speed available on request

Needle positioned on TEM-Lamella

Smooth lift-out of the TEM-Lamella by using the manipulator

Lift-out close-up view

TEM-Lamella aproaching the TEM grid

TEM-Lamella welded to the TEM grid

Done ! Ready for transfer or further preperation (thinning etc.)

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