Electrical testing of semiconductors combined with microscopy is one of the most critical factors in quality control and research. Kammrath & Weiss is specialized in making high precision test equipment:

  • Prober-modules for scanning electron microscopy,
  • Prober-module for FIB (Focused Ion Beam) applications, some of them airlock compatible,
  • ≤10 nm movement resolution,
  • 1 to 6 prober tips (in special cases more).
  • Special projects, spin-offs of this field of work.

These modules come with special controllers.

  • Extremely fast beam blanking.

Often times, these instruments are combined with one another:

  • Prober-Modules with 1 to 6 needles, heating and cooling
    (LN2, Helium), and Beam Blanking.

The technology of IC testing is one of the most rapidly growing fields, therefore this requires highest mechanical precision, but it also demands flexibility to create more and more specialized designs to follow the exploding needs of quality and research.

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