Peltier-Module for the SEM -25°C to +50°C

or as extended version -50°C to +100°C (at 3mbar)
This Peltier-Module can be mounted to the SEM stage "like a specimen". A new temperature exchanger geometry inside the module allows rapid temperature changes and precise control within a 1/10°C using the PID-controller, which is part of this package.
Quick lock water connectors allow mounting and dismounting the module within a few seconds. Changing the flange with feedthrough is not applicable. Because of its unique internal design specimen current measurements can be done during heating- or cooling experiments.
The Peltier-Module is prepared to be used with standard specimen stubs or with a clamping mechanism that holds the specimen directly onto modules surface. This Peltier-System can be used as stand-alone unit, but software integration into many SEM operating systems is available.
Specifications & Features
  • temperature range -25°C to +50°C (at 3mbar with ambient at 20°C)
  • extended temp. range -50°C to +100°C!
  • temperature accuracy ±1°C
  • display resolution 0,1°C
  • temperature stability ±0,1°C
  • heating / cooling rate 30°C per minute!
  • specimen current measurement capability!
  • PID-controller included
  • interface RS 232, USB, etc.
  • software integration for most SEM available
  • stand-alone-capability
  • quick-lock connectors
  • water cooling system
  • turn-key-system (pnp)
Dimensions: Ø ∼ 50mm; Height ∼ 20mm

Peltier Heating-Cooling Module

Abb.1: Peltier Heating-/Cooling Module

Peltier Module with air-lock compatible Sample holder

Abb.2: Peltier Module with air-lock compatible sample holder

Peltier Module without sample hoder

Abb.3: Peltier Module without sample holder

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