Cryo- and Heating Products

Cooling experiments inside the vacuum chamber of an SEM open up a large scenario of physical (or biological) experiments.

There are three groups of cryostats in our product line:

  • Peltier (Heating) Cooling  (223 K - 373K)
  • Liquid Nitrogen Cryostats (80 K)

  • Liquid Helium Cryostats (5 K)

For Heating experiments are a number of different Heating Modules available:

  • 300°C , 500°C, 800°C Standard Version (open heating area)
  • 300°C, 500°C, 800°C, 1050°C and 1500°C with moveable lid (closable heating area = Transfer Module)

... and their PID-temperature control electronics with or without PC interface.

Please ask for EBSD compatible Heating Modules.

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