Tensile/Compression Stage

10 000 N Tensile/Compression Stage for the SEM
The Tensile Stage is also available in a Tensile/Compression Module version. Different from the strictly tensile load train, for the compression mechanics, great care must be taken that the specimen cannot escape to the side when reversing the force. The specimen must be attached very accurately perpendicular to the surface of the yokes, and the load cell must have guiding surfaces. Therefore the mechanical design is much more sophisticated.
The photo above shows a closeup view of the central portion of the tensile/compression "stage" (full stage; door-type), which allows testing of the specimen from 10 000 N tensile force through zero, to 10 000 N compression force. Specimen heating or heating/cooling is also available as an option. In this view, a heating/cooling device is mounted underneath the specimen, connected to a heat sink by a flexible copper braid. Note that there are separate water cooling channels in the yoke where the force is measured (left). They keep the temperature of the load cell low during high temperature experiments.
Ask for more detailed description of the stage and computer control.

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